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The usable form of water on earth is limited. This water is becoming scarce due to its overuse, wastage, pollution and contamination. Many parts of the world are facing water shortage. Serious actions have been taken by many nations globally to conserve this vital necessity of life. The efforts made by every single individual go hand in hand with the objective of saving water. However, not only individual effort, but a collective attempt coupled with innovative ideas is needed to save water. Many techniques have been developed and applied at different levels to prevent overuse and wastage of water. Irrigation techniques, sewage disposal techniques, industrial waste treatment methods and many modern techniques of water purification have been developed by different agencies.

The CDLS 2018 at Modern School invites you to discuss some solutions which can help to conserve water on mother earth.   


  1. sarkargautam Modern School

  1. neha2018 Modern School Barakhamba Road

    If our actions, including over consumption, overuse and on top of all, the wastage of water are responsible for the current crisis of water, then it is our duty to think locally and act globally over this concern. The usable water on earth is limited. One of such sources is  ground water. However, the ground water is getting contaminated and water table is drastically falling in many parts of the world. The cities are becoming concrete and there is less land available for percolation of water.  To recharge the water table is one of the many solutions to this problem.  Advanced rain water harvesting systems could be a potent source of recharging the aquifers. Let us all discuss such technologies further and also find out more such solutions.

  1. Carlos2018 Philippine Science High School, Manila

    I saw this video posted by Bill Gates a few years ago: on the Janicki Omniprocessor. It is a set of equipment that processes and filters sewage waste and yields usable products in the process, including clean, potable water. While it definitely doesn't address the entirety of the clean water problem affecting a lot of communities worldwide, and neither is it a long-term, permanent solution to any aspect of the problem, it still is a breakthrough that should be invested and implemented at larger scales as it can be beneficial to many and revolutionize the way humans look at waste. More info on the Omniprocessor here:

  1. Manya2018 Modern School Barakhamba Road

  1. kornellie2018 Philippine Science High School, Manila

    I like the nozzle concept which I hope could be applied to washing cars as well. I hope there could also be a more efficient method of flushing as when one time we could not fix our defective toilet, we saved a lot of water through a manual way of doing it using a pail of water and I noticed our water bill decreased significantly. However, there could be a way that would not force children and older adults to carry pails of water just to flush. A way that is more efficient, but not stressful and dangerous for some people.

    • TabithaM Townley Grammar School, Kent

      I did a project called H2O heroes a couple of years ago and aerated nozzles, 3-minute shower timers and a dual-flush system all came up as good ways to reduce water wastage. The nozzles are things you can get for as little as £0.99 but it’s not often thought of by many people as they don’t realise the importance of saving  water,